how to make coffee with moka pot

How to Make Coffee with Moka Pot

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A Moka pot is an electric or stovetop coffee maker that brews coffee by pressurized steam using boiling water. It makes espresso-style coffee without the need for a high maintenance, expensive and large machine. Now move toward our topic. In this article, we will discuss the overall method of preparation of Moka pot coffee. If you are using the Moka pot for the very first time, we suggest you make a couple of coffees to season the pot before brewing one imbibe.

Here we mentioned the detailed steps on how to make coffee with Moka pot

Step 1:

To make a Moka pot coffee, grind about a few grams of coffee, finer than you would for a pour-over. Do not grind the coffee as fine as you might for an espresso machine. The particles of the coffee are slightly larger than crushed sugar.

Step 2:

After grinding, the next step is filling water. Fill the bottom chamber of the Moka pot with water. Pour the water until it is leveled with the valve. Set down the coffee grounds receptacle, also known as the funnel, into the pot. If any excess water enters the funnel, pour out the extra water.

Step 3:

Fill in the funnel with ground coffee, level it, and rub the rim of the funnel clean. Make sure not to cram the coffee.

Step 4:

Tightly screw the spouted top of the Moka pot.

Step 5:

Now put the Moka pot on a stovetop and keep the heat medium. If you are using a gas stove rather than an electric stovetop, make sure the flame is not too big such as it does not exceed the base of the pot. In other words, do not expose the handle to heating.

Step 6:

When the water in the lower chamber starts to boil, the pressure will continuously push a spurt of coffee into the upper chamber. It is done when you hear a gurgling, hissing sound. After hearing this type of sound, remove the Moka pot immediately from the heat. Let the coffee completely flow into the upper chamber. Be careful when pouring your coffee not to burn your hands. The resulting coffee is rich and strong, and not being bitter.

Clean the Moka pot for its next use

Unscrew the spouted top only when the pot is cool enough to handle. Remove the filter plate and rubber gasket that sits on the top of the funnel. Clean all the parts of the Moka pot with warm water and clean it properly.

Do not use soap to clean the parts of the pot. If you are unable to clean the pot or any residual oil then use a cleaner. Many coffee-specific cleaners, such as Cafiza powder, are easily available in the market. It properly removes the residue without imparting a soapy taste.

Wrap up

So, whenever you pick up the Moka pot, read all the above steps to brew great coffee with it. Coffee made in a Moka pot is frequently intense and rich with a thick and heavy mouthfeel!