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Nespresso Vs Dolce Gusto: Which to buy?

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If you’re looking for a great coffee machine with capsules, generally the best options are either Nespresso Vs Dolce Gusto. Each one has its fair share of benefits and downsides, so it can be difficult to narrow down which is the ideal option. In this article, we will compare the two products and provide you with a good insight into what you can get from each one of them. That will make the decision a lot easier.


When you think about Nespresso, you always get that feeling of a great, tasty espresso coffee. This coffee is known for being fragrant, but strong. That’s what you get if you buy a Nespresso, you have very good coffee that has a really impressive quality and taste, unlike many other options that you can find on the market.


Generally, Nespresso has a fuller, deeper flavor when compared to the Dolce Gusto for example. You even have a multitude of specialty coffees in the form of capsules, which is always a great pick. And yes, the coffee you can find in these dedicated capsules is high quality, premium, and sometimes better tasting when compared to most of the current coffees out there.

Why would you go with Nespresso? This is coffee that you can enjoy in a very pure form. As a result, this is extremely good for all coffee lovers, regardless of there are or preferences. That being said, it can also suffice the needs of anyone that likes milky coffee and not just regular coffee to begin with. What we also like about the Nespresso is the fact that it has a large water tank, so you can remove and reuse it without a problem.

They also make it easy to control what flavor intensity is a great option for you. Since there are so many options or varieties, it makes a lot of sense to check it out for yourself and see which one is the right one. In general, Nespresso pods tend to use coffee that’s freshly ground, and then they seal it so it stays fresh until you use it. Nespresso doesn’t use artificial milk and sugars, which can be a problem for some people. Instead, they stick to fresh ingredients, and that makes the difference for many customers.


There are some downsides too. Generally, the Nespresso coffee machines and coffee pods are more expensive when compared to the Dolce Gusto for example. Not only that, but you only have availability for short cups. That means you may need 2 pods instead of one if you want a longer cup. These coffee pods are harder to find too, which ends up being an issue, especially if you want to buy more at once.

Dolce Gusto

Dolce Gusto is a really good option for anyone that enjoys a large variety of different coffees. You can also use Dolce Gusto to make teas and chocolate drinks, something that other products like the Nespresso won’t really help with. This is great because you do have a different reason to buy this product, aside from the coffee itself.


If you are focused solely on prices, you will find that the Dolce Gusto is usually more affordable when compared to the Nespresso. Not only that, but the machines as well are usually affordable. It’s a budget version when compared to Nespresso, which is great if you want to spend less on your coffee machine and pods to begin with. Some Nespresso pods are harder to find, whereas Dolce Gusto is more widely accessible here.

They also provide choices when it comes to short or long cups. As we mentioned above, Nespresso doesn’t have long cup options and you have to use multiple capsules. Here you don’t have to worry about that. They also make it easy to prepare hot chocolate too, which is very handy. In fact, there are upwards of 40 varieties for you to choose from.

While Nespresso has a more complex, premium taste and feel, Dolce Gusto sticks to the basics. It has a simpler taste and it ensures that you still get a very good experience. Of course, it all depends on your personal preference, but most people will enjoy Dolce Gusto and its taste. It’s a great product for casuals since you have it all in a single pod. You don’t have to constantly worry about problems or issues that might appear here.


Dolce Gusto does have some downsides as well. For some people, the lack of specialty coffees is a major issue, but as we said, Dolce Gusto tends to cover a different niche. Still, this is something that you will notice right from the start. Also, the Nespresso flavors and aromas are superior, hence the higher price as well.

The fact that Dolce Gusto does have powdered milk is also a problem for those that have certain health issues. While it’s not a massive issue, it can become a problem if you are dealing with lactose intolerance for example. Since the ingredients are stored within the coffee pod for a longer period of time, you lose the freshness that Nespresso will bring you. Generally, the main downside for most is that you don’t have a lot of control over what’s in the beverages. The pods are all premade, so that’s an issue if you want more control as a whole.

Which one is better?

It all depends on a multitude of factors. Dolce Gusto is a great pick for anyone that wants a simple coffee pod machine and a variety of flavors. The fact that it has support for short and long cups is a benefit too, and casuals will appreciate it quite a bit. Nespresso on the other hand has a better flavor and aroma, it also comes with a premium feel and you have more control over how you drink your beverages.

Overall, you will be quite impressed with both. If you want a budget coffee pod machine the Dolce Gusto will work just fine. However, if you want a higher quality experience, then you have to go the Nespresso route, but keep in mind that it might cost you significantly more and some pods are harder to find!