3 Reasons Why Coffee Scales Are Important

3 Reasons Why Coffee Scales Are Important

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Do you want a perfect cup of coffee like the one you tasted in the coffee shop? But you fail every time and get disappointed? Then let me tell you that you are missing the point. 

Yes… If you think you know all about coffee, you are still not doing what the baristas do to give you a consistent and perfect coffee.

The secret recipe barista measures coffee beans on coffee scales every time they brew a cup. Initially, some of the top coffee shops followed this practice, but now every coffee connoisseur knows how to get that flavor from the coffee to the cup.

You might think it is not part of my ideal morning routine, but using coffee scales can make your coffee delicious and balanced.

Trust me. It’s worth it. Here’s why.


You should use the coffee scale if you want complete control of your coffee taste. You just have to place the coffee beans on the scale and don’t have to count the scoops. This will make you confident that you use the exact amount of coffee every time and don’t have to remember the number of scoops.

The golden ratio of coffee is 1:16, meaning if you use 1g of coffee, you should use 15-17 g of water to brew it. And you will get precisely prepared coffee with an excellent taste.

If you don’t use a coffee scale, you will be doubtful if you use the correct coffee amount to prepare the cup of coffee. 

coffee scale with some coffee on it
3 Reasons Why Coffee Scales Are Important


It’s frustrating when you fail to get the coffee taste you prepared the day before. And the most hateful thing is you do not know the reason.

But there is a way you can get rid of this annoyance that spoils your perfect morning. Just use a coffee scale for brewing your coffee and making your life hassle-free.

The reason is it makes your coffee taste consistent. You know how much coffee you need to get that ideal flavor every time you prepare your coffee.

Here’s how it helps you out.

Coffee beans come in different sizes and densities depending on the coffee beans you use. And these parameters have a significant effect on your coffee flavor.

Suppose you are using two scoops of small Ethiopian coffee beans weighing 20 g, and the following week you bring another bigger coffee bean, like the Indonesian coffee beans/ And you again use 2 scoops to brew a cup of coffee. But this time, it does not weigh 20 g, but it would be lesser, i.e. 16 gr.

This slight change can make your coffee more bitter than the one you drink daily. The reason is that larger coffee beans occupy more space, and the scoop contains less coffee by weight. When you use the same amount of water that you have been using, then it will brew out a bitter coffee that does not match your flavor.

So, to make your mornings refreshing and hassle-free, start measuring your coffee on coffee scales and bring that barista skills to your home.


When you use a grind time function on your grinder without measuring the coffee beans, there are chances that you grind more coffee than you need. Unknowingly you use 1-3 g more coffee per mug, and it adds up. You can actually get 4-5 more cups of coffee if you measure the coffee beans on a coffee scale.

When you use a coffee scale, you know exactly what amount of coffee you are using, and you never end up using more coffee than you need.

And you don’t go through the coffee bag mysteriously.

So, elevate your morning cup of coffee and bring a coffee scale to get the exact amount of coffee that gives you complete control of your coffee and consistency.