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Everything You Need to Know About Turkish Coffee

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Many people worldwide rely on coffee. It helps to perk them up in the morning or give them a boost of energy for the whole day. Although there are several different types of coffee on the globe, Turkish coffee is one of the drinks that many people love. The main reason is that it is prepared with a unique method, it is rich and highly caffeinated.
The majority of Turkish people associate Turkish coffee with morning pleasure, conversations with their friends, and breaks that are taken during the day. Although preparing Turkish coffee has become quite easy because of the automatic machines, one can get a special taste when made in copper pots on the coal fire.

What is a Turkish Coffee?

This is a coffee preparation method that originated in the Middle East and Europe, including Turkey. The Turkish coffee combines the coffee beans with water and then brings the liquid to a foamy stage. Traditionally it is brewed in a pot. After reaching the desired setting, it is distributed in cups.

The ground powder sinks into the bottom of the cup, whereas people consume the remaining liquid. As the coffee is left unfiltered, it results in higher caffeine concentration than other preparation methods. Normally, Turkish coffee is served with moderate amounts of sugar, but one can also serve it unsweetened. Another common addition to this coffee is the spice cardamom.

How is Turkish coffee made?

Turkish coffee is made by grinding the coffee beans into powder. For two cups of coffee, around four teaspoons of coffee grind are put into a pot containing water. This mixture is then heated with medium-low heat. When coffee sinks to the pot’s bottom, the ingredients are stirred a few times. It is important not to overmix the Turkish coffee ingredients.

To take out the thick foam, the mixture is required to be heated to just before the boiling stage begins. The mixture is then poured into the cups, whereas the excess foam can be spooned on the top of the coffee. Before enjoying this coffee, it is important to let the grinds settle down.

Some facts about Turkish coffee

The Turkish coffee researchers believe it went from Ethiopia to the rest of the world. It was brought to Istanbul by the governor of Yemen in 1517. Now it’s available in almost every restaurant.

  • Coffee was introduced to the Europeans Through Turks

For many years, the Europeans stuck to the preparation method of the Turks and consumed coffee just like them. Its flavor comes from the fresh and finely grounded coffee beans, cooked slowly on the coal fire.

  • It is the Only Coffee Type Used to See the Future

Fortune telling has been a tradition specific to Turks. For many years, this particular tradition has successfully attracted the entire world’s attention. It is still the same today. Many people are going to Turkey to see their future.

  • It is Served with Water for a Reason

There is a superstition that if a guest takes coffee before water, then it means that he is full. On the other hand, if he drinks water first, then it means that he is hungry. The main reason is to wash off the meal’s flavor that has recently been consumed to taste the coffee better.

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What are the potential benefits?

  • It Enhances Athletic Performance

Experts believe that caffeine is a natural stimulant capable of boosting mental as well as athletic performance. One can have a highly concentrated dose of caffeine, and therefore, it can be beneficial for athletes.

  • It can have Protective Effects Against Many Diseases

When you drink any coffee, especially Turkish coffee, there is a reduced risk of many diseases, which include diabetes and heart disease. Many people who take coffee regularly believe that its habitual consumption is linked to a low risk of liver cancer, depression, and liver cirrhosis.

  • It is Great Against Mental Decline

When caffeine from Turkish coffee is consumed, it helps to protect against different neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Other than that, coffee intake is also great in reducing the risk of dementia and Parkinson’s Disease.

Bottom Line

Turkish coffee is enjoyed in many countries because of its easy preparation and taste. Because of being unfiltered, Turkish coffee has a higher concentration of caffeine, whereas the beneficial compounds offer several health-related advantages. The best thing about Turkish coffee is that it is simple to make, and people can brew it in the comfort of their kitchen.